My time in Our Cabaña

Before coming to Our Cabaña, I was expecting it to be a lot of fun and for the facilities to be decent, but not nearly to the extent that it was!

Everything was fantastic – the programme, the staff, the forms, the trips. It was all well organised and the staff were friendly and helpful. The facilities were clean, the dining room was large and every room had a purpose.

Throughout our stay, we did multiple Mexican activities, such as a traditions rally and a Mexican fiesta! At meal times, we were treated to Mexican food, which was delicious. Overall, my stay at Our Cabaña was an experience I will never forget!!




Fight of the Roosters

Oi, Brasil 🤗

Meaning ‘fight of the roosters’ in Portuguese, Luta de Galo is a two-person hopping game, faintly resembling rooster fighting.

To play you need two players to tuck a necker or a scarf into a pocket or waistband (with enough cloth hanging out for the other player to grab). Both players must cross their dominant arm across their chest (they’re not allowed to use it). Hopping on one leg, they should both try to snatch the handkerchief from their opponent’s pocket – using only their non-dominant hand. If a player puts their other leg down or unfolds their dominant arm, they’re out. The player who successfully keeps their necker/scarf wins!

Have fun!

Pineapple Flower / Flores de Piña

The easiest recipe on earth! Still, always delicious 😊


  • 1 piece of pineapple


1. Cut the ends of the pineapple and remove the skin.

2. With a Parisian, remove the pineapple dimples.
3. Cut very thin slices of pineapple, place them on a silicon mat.
4. Bake pineapple at 100 ° C for 60 minutes or until dehydrated. Remove them from the mat and place them in a mould for cupcakes, so that they have the shape of a flower.
5. Bake the pineapples again at 100 ° C for 30 minutes or until they are translucent. Be careful not to get burned.
6. Place a point of whipped cream on top of the cupcakes. Ride on top of these the pineapple flower.




  • 1 pieza de piña

1. Corta los extremos de la piña y retírale la piel.

2. Con un parisien, retírale los hoyuelos a la piña.
3. Corta rebanadas muy delgadas de piña, colócalas en un tapete de silicon.
4. Hornea la piña a 100° C por 60 minutos o hasta que estén deshidratadas. Retíralas del tapete y colócalas en un molde para cupcakes, para que tengan la forma de una flor.
5. Hornea de nuevo las piñas a 100° C por 30 minutos o hasta que estén traslucidas. Ten cuidado que no se te quemen.
6. Coloca un punto de crema batida en la parte superior de los cupcakes. Monta encima de estos la flor de piña.

Sweet Rice / Arroz con Leche

This recipe comes from Portugal and it’s one of the most traditional desserts you can eat there! Super easy to cook it and very very delicious 😋 they call it the ‘grandma’s recipe’


  • 2 Cups of rice;
  • 3 Cups of water;
  • 1Lt of milk;
  • 12 Scoops of sugar;
  • Lemon zest;
  • I tea scoop of butter;
  • 2 Egg yolk;
  • Cinnamon powder;


  1. In a pot cook the rice with the 3 cups of water;
  2. When the rice’s almost cooked, add the milk (a bit warm), the lemon zest and the butter;
  3. Let it cook for about 20 minutes, always steering and keep the temperature low;
  4. When it’s creamy, add the sugar and steer;
  5. In the end, in a separate bowl, add a bit of rice to the egg yolk (to make sure they don’t cook) and then steer – add it back to the pot.

Wait until it cools down! Add the cinnamon as you wish 🙂


Esta receta proviene de Portugal y ¡es uno de los postres más tradicionales de esa hermosa tierra! Super fácil de cocinar y muy, muy delicioso que llaman la “receta de la abuela”


  • 2 tazas de arroz;
  • 3 tazas de agua;
  • 1 Lt de leche;
  • 12 cucharadas de azúcar;
  • Ralladura de limón;
  • 1 cucharada de té de mantequilla;
  • 2 yemas de huevo;
  • Canela en polvo;


  1. En una olla cocinar el arroz con 3 tazas de agua;
  2. Cuando el arroz está casi cocido, añadir la leche (entibiada), la ralladura de limón y la mantequilla;
  3. Dejarlo cocinar durante unos 20 minutos, moviendo siempre y manteniendo la temperatura baja;
  4. Cuando la mezcla esté cremosa, añadir el azúcar y mezclar bien;
  5. Al final, en un recipiente aparte, añade la yema de huevo y un poco de la mezcla de arroz, bátelo rápido (para evitar que la yema se cocine) y añádelo al resto del arroz
  6. ¡Déjalo enfriar y añade tanta canela como quieras 🙂

Meet Gris / Conoce a Gris

Griselda Salazar López / Account Assistant 

Today I want to tell you about my experience at this World Center that started 3 years ago!

Although I had had a similar job before, each job is different and despite those fears that tag along at the beginning of a new chapter in life, I accepted the challenge! It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had! I have learned many things that have helped me with how I perform my work but I also had the opportunity to learn more about Girl Guiding. The volunteers that arrive here, always show us their culture and their experience in other World Centers, which I really like.

I’m usually a very shy person, but I have been improving it little by little with the help of my co-workers and the different dynamics and training that they have given us within Our Cabaña.

I am very grateful that I have opened the doors to this wonderful place! I still have a lot to learn and get to know about the Association and Girl Guiding, but I know that as the time passes by, I will gain more knowledge.



Hoy quiero contarles acerca de mi experiencia que inició hace 3 años dentro de este Centro Mundial.

Aunque había tenido un trabajo anterior en algo parecido, cada uno es distinto a como se trabaja y es por eso que así, con esos temores que acompañan al iniciar otro capítulo en la vida, lo acepte y ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido.  He aprendido muchísimas cosas que me han ayudado a desempeñar mejor mi trabajo y conocer más acerca del Movimiento, las voluntarias que llegan aquí nos dejan un poco de su cultura y de su experiencia en otros centros mundiales lo cual me ha gustado mucho.

Mi personalidad por lo regular es tímida, pero he ido mejorándola poco a poco con la ayuda de los compañeros de trabajo y las diferentes dinámicas y capacitaciones que nos han dado dentro de Nuestra Cabaña.

Estoy agradecida que se me hayan abierto las puertas en este lugar maravilloso, aún me falta mucho por aprender y conocer del Movimiento y las Guías Scouts, pero sé que con el paso del tiempo podré tener un conocimiento más amplio.

Griselda Salazar López / Asistente Contable Nuestra Cabaña A.C.

Mexican Lotería

It’s time to play a Mexican game!! Here you can find the basics of the game and how you can play it!

“Lotería is a game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls.”

In Lotería, every image has a name and an assigned number that randomly creates a 4 x 4 grid that we call tablas! Each player has at least one tabla and they choose what tabla they want to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas (each one presents a different selection of images).

The deck is composed of a set of 54 different images, each one in a card. To start the game, the caller (cantor, or singer) randomly selects a card from the deck and announces it to the players by its name. The players with a matching pictogram on their board mark it off with a chip or other kind of marker (many Mexican people traditionally use small rocks, crown corks or pinto beans as markers). The first player with four chips in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, squared pattern, any other previously specified pattern, or fills the tabla first shouts “¡Lotería!” (Lottery!) or “¡Buenas!” (Good!) and is the winner.

Have fun! 🤗


The cookers / Las cocineras

It’s time to meet Our Cabañas’s cookers! Here you have the chance you get to know a little bit better those responsible for creating the delicious recipes we post every week and cooking for everyone 😊

Margarita Villalobos Cruz

Hi! My name is Margarita and I’ve been working in Our Cabaña for 4 years in the kitchen. For me, cooking is a pleasure since I really like it! There’s nothing that makes me more happy and proud than when the participants come and thank us for food and tell us how much they liked it!

Angelica Alvarez

I started working in Our Cabaña 3 years ago in the kitchen. For me, I feel very grateful to be able to serve and .. so many people and see how happy they are with our work!

Martha Valentin

I’m a temporary worker in the kitchen of Our Cabaña since 2015. I’m very grateful that I get to work here and I get to serve everyone that comes here, especially when they say they like our dishes!

Esther Martinez Vasquez

I work in the kitchen of Our Cabaña since October 2017 I like to work in this area because of the good environment and for all the people we get to cook for!

Es tiempo de presentarte a las cocineras! Aquí tienes la oportunidad de conocer un poco más a las responsables de crear las deliciosas recetas que publicamos cada semana y que cocinan para nosotras

Margarita Villalobos Cruz

Me llamo Margarita! Trabajo en Nuestra Cabaña desde hace 4 años en la cocina. Para mí cocinar es un placer, lo disfruto mucho y no hay nada más gratificante que la sonrisa de las participantes cuando nos dan las gracias y nos dicen que les gustó nuestra comida!

Angelica Alvarez

Desde hace 3 años trabajo en la cocina de Nuestra Cabaña. Es para mí muy grato servir y atender a tanta gente y ver como están satisfechas con nuestro trabajo!

Martha Valentin

Soy trabajadora eventual en el área de cocina desde Agosto de 2015. Para mí es gratificante trabajar en Nuestra Cabaña atendiendo a la gente, prestándole servicio y disfrutando cuando dicen que les gustó lo que cocinamos.

Esther Martinez Vasquez

Trabajo en Nuestra Cabaña en el área de la cocina desde Octubre de 2017. Me gusta trabajar en esa área por el ambiente y por la oportunidad de servirle a la gente que nos visita!