Volunteer: A HUGE recommendation to broaden your horizons! (English) – María (Greece)


Being a guide for more than 12 years is a long time of volunteering work, ideas and a lot of effort to give more to teenagers and young adults and to small communities around Greece. Even so, I was feeling like I needed to offer more things. That’s why when I so the announcement for the volunteer position at Our Cabana I thought that it would be a great chance for me to learn about Guiding worldwide.

Spending three months in Mexico was one of the best experiences I ever had. I got to meet so many interesting and different people. With the other volunteers and the staff we managed to organize some great sessions and we had a lot of fun doing so. We worked really hard and the results were always really good. The best achievement was all these laughs and the great comments of the participants, not only young girls but adults too, and even the tears, that were tears of joy.

Being part of a world center means that you broaden your horizons in so many ways. You learn what it means to be part of a worldwide movement, you get to see from different perspectives. You also make great friends, sisters from other countries that you didn’t know until a few days ago but 10 days were enough to get to know them and love them.

Also , you have the chance to travel in another country. I actually got the chance to travel in a different continent. Visiting Mexico was always one of my dreams and it came true. This beautiful country, with the hospitable people, the amazing traditions and customs and the fascinating scenery. Each village and city so different from the other. So many interesting things to learn and taste and visit.

Now that I am back home, after 3 months in Our Cabana I can notice that I ‘ve changed in so many ways. It’s like I am more mature and more independent. I am full of energy and ideas and I am not afraid to suggest new things to my group and try them. I wish to be able to influence my rangers and make them want to try the world center experience. I recommend it to every guide around the world. They will have a great time, they will find there a family and so many friendly faces. They will never regret it. It’s a choice that I would make again and again and I really hope that one day I will be back. And maybe then I will stay for more days.

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