Mexico´s First Impressions- Bethanie (UK)

Hola! I’m Bethanie, and I’m a summer volunteer, here at Our Cabana! Having been a Spring Volunteer at Our Chalet for 3 months, I was keen to discover what another World Centre had to offer. As I arrived in Mexico, navigated my way somewhat successfully through customs, the airport and the public transport systems, I knew that the next three months would not disappoint!

Arriving in Mexico has been quite a culture shock, I’m no longer in the “Chalet Bubble”, high up on a mountain, a 30 minute walk from the quiet village of Adelboden. I’m now a short taxi ride away from the hustle and bustle of Cuernavaca, the city of Eternal Spring. Each morning, I’m woken up by the sound of the traffic, blaring music from surrounding shops, and the nearby workmen. Walking around the markets, the different sights, smells and sounds of sellers, often with their children and pets, are incredible. I’ve become used to eating ‘real Mexican food’, so different from the DIY taco kits we have at home. With its combination of flavours which I would never have imagined could work so well (chocolate, chilli and chicken), and spices I’ve never tried before, it’s safe to say that Mexican is now one of my favourite types of food, and that my idea of what makes a dish ‘spicy’, is very different to that of the locals.

11640380_1000929023253028_1832396559_oThe past two weeks have been filled with training and preparations for the summer. We’ve been to Cuernavca, Tepozlan, and seen the pyramids of Teopanzolco. I’ve learnt how to deliver the fun games and evening programmes that Cabana has to offer, as well as the insightful WAGGGS session, such as Free Being Me, and Surf Smart, which are about issues so relevant to girls and young women today.

Our training is finished, and we are getting ready to welcome our first group of guests for the Pick and Mix and Friendship sessions. I’m so excited to meet them, and to share with them both the incredible beauty and culture of Mexico, and the international and unconditional friendship that Girl Guiding and Scouting offers.


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