What if? What about? Can I?


Hola! My name is Lashauna and I am a Spring 2017 volunteer at Nuestra Cabana, from Canada.

When I first thought about applying to volunteer at a World Centre, there were many thoughts that went through my head. What if I’m too old? What about my family, house and pets? Can I go for 4 months without getting paid? What if work won’t give me the time off? What if I can´t share a house with other people? What if it’s too hot? What if I don´t like my co-volunteers?

I´m not a risk taker. I like to plan, think, and analyse all possible outcomes of decisions. However, it was time to stop making excuses and take a step forward – just apply! A wise WAGGGS member once taught me “the magic happens outside your comfort zone”

When I found out I was accepted to come to Nuestra Cabana, the reality set in that I would be going to Mexico for 4 months. As an added bonus, I am skipping Canadian winter!! Perhaps one of my most occurring thoughts while prepping and planning was wanting to represent Canada and Girl Guides of Canada –Guides du Canada well. I´m excited and honoured to represent Canada here at Nuestra Cabana!

Having visited Nuestra Cabana in August 2015, I had a general idea of what to expect in terms of the grounds, operations, activities and events but I didn´t know what it was like to be a volunteer. What exactly do the volunteers do and what is our role? Thankfully, a full 10 days is dedicated to volunteer training and development. This has given us the opportunity to try out activities that guests may take part in, ask questions, make mistakes, and bond as a team.

I invite you to stay tuned to this blog to find out important answers to the questions above. Was I too old? What about my family, house and pets? Was I able to share a house with other people? Was it too hot? Did I like my co-volunteers? (OK, OK. I´ll tell you now. I love them. I couldn’t ask for a better group to be with. We all bring our own skills, knowledge and experience and its one of the easiest groups I’ve ever become part of).

Thanks for reading!


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