Connect and Celebrate with Our Cabaña Challenge


How is it going to work?

  1. On April 29th we will be hosting an online challenge that allows everyone to get involved with our 60th Anniversary celebrations.
  2. You can participate either as a group (with a maximum of eight people per group) or as an individual, whichever you decide, please like and send us an INBOX message in our official Facebook page- “Nuestra Cabaña” with your/your patrol’s and leader’s name, a contact e-mail address, how many people are participating in the challenge and where you are from.
  3. We will be uploading links to all of the necessary materials to complete the challenge on our official Facebook page, for you to access in advance and plan how you are going to complete the challenge.
  4. There are four main sections to the challenge; WAGGGS and World Centres, History of Our Cabaña, Around Our Cabaña, and Mexican Culture. Each of these sections has four activities for you to pick and choose from.
  5. In order to be in with a chance of being awarded with the Our Cabaña 60th Anniversary Badge you must complete two challenges from each section in addition to our compulsory activities and upload your evidence from 9am until 9pm Mexican time (UTC-5). We have 60 badges available for the first 60 participants to complete the challenge.
  6. However, if you wish to merely take part in only parts of the challenge that is completely fine! We will send you via e-mail blank certificates so that you can fill them out and give them to your group to commemorate your participation in Our Cabaña’s 60th Remember that you can also complete the challenge at any time you want, even past April 29th.
  7. In order to keep track of those who are completing the challenge and for us to know who to send the badges to, we ask you to upload evidence of everything you are doing to our Facebook page “Nuestra Cabaña”- Each time you complete a challenge, the patrol leader (or you, if you are playing on your own) must post the evidence of this on our Facebook page.- Then, the leader should copy the post’s link or make a screenshot and send it to us via inbox. Add the name of the patrol or your name if you are playing individually, so we can monitor which parts of the challenge you completed.

    This way you are helping us to keep track of the activities already finished. Remember: only the patrol leader will be the responsible of making the posts

  8. Once you have completed the challenge, send us your address and how many of your group actually completed the challenge and we will dispatch the badges.
  9. Please ensure that all participants have parental permission to partake in the activities and that anyone featured in videos and photos uploaded to the Facebook page are happy for their face to be shared publically. If not, you can be creative and find alternative ways of taking the photos.


The Challenge

1.- Like or follow Our Cabaña on all of the social media accounts you hold;

2.- WAGGGS and World Centres

  • Sing the world song and take a video of yourselves doing so.
  • Create a collage that represents the five different world centres, think outside the box, use any materials, and don’t just use photographs! Please include at least one fact about each World Centre.
  • Take a photo “with” a World Centre manager or a World Centre mascot, this one requires some creativity.
  • Send a picture of a country where Kusafiri has been and find out about the event that took place in that country.

3.- Mexican Culture

  • Paint your face in the style of Day of the Dead (and upload a photo) and explain the significance of Day of the Dead in your caption.
  • Research and list the 20 most important pyramids in Mexico in height order.
  • Try your best to dress up like a Mariachi, sing the Las Mañanitas song and attempt some traditional Mexican dancing, upload the video and get 60 likes on it.
  • Create your own miniature piñata and explain the significance of the seven points. If you cannot find the materials, draw one.

4.- History of Our Cabaña

  • Video yourselves singing the Our Cabaña song.
  • Create a timeline of Our Cabaña’s history, use any form of media to create this but remember that you must upload it for us to see in either photo or video form.
  • Recreate part of Our Cabaña’s history through mime and dance without talking.
  • Using only material that you already own and that you can find around your home create your own Chief’s door. Don’t forget to be green- this could be a great opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle. Then take a photo with the door!

5.- Around Our Cabaña

  • Our Cabaña’s fire circle can hold over 100 people. Share with us a video of you/your troop singing your favorite campfire song.
  • Around our Cabaña you will find many staff and volunteers. Take a look at our staff and volunteer profiles to learn more about the wonderful people who work at Our Cabana. Share a message or greeting on this page for the Our Cabaña Staff.
  • Watch the Our Cabaña tour video to learn more about the places around Our Cabaña! Can you answer the following questions? Copy and paste the questions and answers to the challenge Facebook group.
  1. How many dormitories are there at Our Cabaña and what are their names?
  2. What does the name Mixcoacalli mean?
  3. What does the sculpture of the world with the 5 girls represent?
  4. Who donated Our Cabaña’s front door? In what year?
  5. What are the names of Our Cabaña’s gardens?
  • The Our Cabaña kitchen cooks up a variety of delicious meals and desserts. Share with us your favourite Mexican recipe or a picture of you/your troop cooking together.

6.- Wish Our Cabaña a Happy 60th Anniversary, please upload a video of your well wishes.

Question and Answer Section

Artboard 3

  • Twitter
    Helga 9-10
    Anna 12-1
    Lashauna 4-5
    Anto 6-7
  • Facebook forum
    Helga 10-11
    Lashauna 1-2
    Anto 4-5
    Anna 7-8
  • Facebook live video

Logo meaning / Significado del logo

OC_Logotipo-directInksHigResThe Logo

The symbol is similar to the one of the city of Cuernavaca, but it has a different meaning.

  • The tree symbolizes the worldwide movement with more than 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.
  • The roots, growing deep in the soil, represent the life of Guiding and the solid foundation of the movement.
  • The three branches symbolize the three parts of the Guide promise.
  • The drop of water has two meanings. It is a prehispanic symbol representing communication between Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all around the world as well as between Our Cabaña and the local community. It is also an Aztec symbol of life and the fact that it flows out of the tree means that life is flowing in the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement.


El Logo

El símbolo es similar al logo de la ciudad de Cuernavaca, pero con un significado diferente.

  • El árbol simboliza el Movimiento a nivel mundial, con más de 10 millones de Guías y Girl Scouts en todo el mundo.
  • Las raíces, arraigadas profundamente en el suelo, representan la vida del Guidismo y las sólidas bases del Movimiento.
  • Las tres ramas representan las tres partes de la promesa Guía.
  • La gota de agua tiene dos significados. Es un símbolo prehispánico que representa la comunicación entre las Guías y las Girl Scouts de todo el mundo y también entre la Cabaña y la comunidad local. Además es el símbolo Azteca que representa la vida y el hecho de que fluya desde el árbol significa que la vida fluye a través del Movimiento Guía.

History of Our Cabaña / Historia de Nuestra Cabaña


Everything started with a dream.

In 1946, a group of Girl Guide leaders were in training at La Habana, Cuba, singing the OUR CHALET song. They wondered why there wasn’t a World Centre in the Western Hemisphere and proposed that a new World Centre be built in the Western Hemisphere.

6 years later, in 1952, the World Committee approved the search for a place for the new World Centre.

The dream was about to come true.

A committee was formed to find a name for the World Centre. The names they proposed were:

  • Nuestra Casita
  • Nuestro Ranchito
  • Nuestra Cabaña

They decided on… Nuestra Cabaña

Our Cabaña means: a little cabin in the middle of the woods with a river on its side.

The place needed to have nice weather and a lot of sun, something that the others World Centers didn’t have.  Also, it had to be easy to reach by air, sea or land.

Some of the places considered were:

  • Panama because it was the center of the Western Hemisphere,
  • Cuba because it had many Guides at the time,
  • Arizona because it had a good climate and much land for sale, and
  • Many places in Mexico.

In 1954, at the World Conference in the Netherlands, the World Committee announced that there would be a new World Centre in the Western Hemisphere located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

They choose Cuernavaca because it has many local arts and crafts, many interesting historical and archeological places to visit, and the land was being sold for a good price (5 acres for 25000 dollars).

One of the main challenges was where the money would come from. The Juliette Low World Friendship Fund, from the USA, donated the money for buying the land.

Now they needed money for the construction.

The committee reunited again, and one of its members who wasn’t in attendance, was elected to be in charge of fundraising. Her name was Clementine Tangeman.

First, she asked all the brownies and guides around the world, to break their piggy banks to help with the construction. She also asked for help from the factories, companies and friends around the world.

Once they collected all the money, they asked architect Alfredo Terrazas to design the buildings. (His mom was the chief executive of the Western Hemisphere, so he couldn’t say no.)

Our Cabaña’s inauguration was planned for February 22, 1956. This date was chosen for two reasons: it was Thinking Day and Lady Baden Powell was in Mexico. However, the construction wasn’t finished so they instead had a dedication ceremony.

During the ceremony, Lady Baden Powell donated the entrance door. Since then, the door has been called the “Chief’s Door”.

Our Cabaña was finished on July 24, 1957 and was inaugurated with its first session, Juliette Low’s seminary.

The participants wrote the Our Cabaña Song to the tune of a traditional Mexican song sung at birthdays. It’s the same song we still sing today.

Very soon there wasn’t enough space for all the girls that wanted to visit the Cabaña. The waiting lists were  long.

The builders came back and they built Mixcoacalli. They also built Geranios and Colorines dorms in 1969.

Since then, Our Cabaña has continued to grow and expand as they built campfire ring and the tennis court. The Center can now host over 100 people making it the largest of the World Centers.


Todo comenzó con un sueño.

En 1946, un grupo de Guiadoras estaban en una capacitación en La Habana, Cuba, cantando la canción de Our Chalet. En ese momento se preguntaron por qué no había un  Centro Mundial en el Hemisferio Occidental y propusieron que un nuevo Centro Mundial se construyera para ese lado del mundo.

Seis años más tarde, en 1952, el Consejo Mundial aprobó la búsqueda de lugares para construir el nuevo Centro Mundial. El sueño estaba a punto de volverse realidad.

Se formó una comisión para encontrarle un nombre a el nuevo Centro Mundial. Las propuestas fueron:

  • Nuestra Casita
  • Nuestro Ranchito
  • Nuestra Cabaña

¡Se decidieron por Nuestra Cabaña!

“Nuestra Cabaña” significa: una pequeña cabaña en el medio del bosque, con un río a un lado.

Se necesitaba un lugar con buen clima y mucho sol, algo que los otros Centros Mundiales no tenían. También, un lugar al que sea fácil llegar: por aire, mar o tierra.

Algunos de los lugares considerados fueron:

  • Panamá, porque era el centro del Hemisferio Occidental,
  • Cuba, porque en ese momento tenía muchas Guías
  • Arizona, por su buen clima y sus terrenos a la venta, y
  • diferentes lugares en México.

En 1954, en la Conferencia Mundial en Países Bajos, el Consejo Mundial anunció que el nuevo Centro Mundial para el Hemisferio Occidental estaría localizado en Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

Eligieron Cuernavaca por su gran variedad de arte y artesanías locales, su interés arqueológico e histórico y porque las tierras estaban siendo vendidas a un muy buen precio (5 acres por 25000 dólares)

Uno de los muchos desafíos que se presentaron era de dónde sacar el dinero. El fondo de Juliette Low, de Estados Unidos, donó el dinero para comprar los terrenos. Ahora necesitaban conseguir el dinero para la construcción.

El Consejo Mundial se reunió nuevamente y eligió a uno de sus miembros (que no estaba presente en la reunión) para estar a cargo de reunir el dinero. Su nombre era Clementine Tangeman.

Primero, le pidió a todas las niñas y Guías de alrededor del mundo que rompieran sus alcancías para ayudar a la construcción del nuevo Centro Mundial. También pidió ayuda a fábricas, compañías y amigos de todo el mundo.

Una vez que juntaron todo el dinero, le pidieron al arquitecto Alfredo Terrazas que diseñara el edificio (su madre era la jefa del Hemisferio Occidental, por lo que no pudo negarse)

La inauguración de Nuestra Cabaña estaba planeada para el 22 de febrero de 1956. La fecha fue elegida por dos razones: era el Día Mundial del Pensamiento y además Lady Baden Powell se encontraba en México. Sin embargo la construcción no estaba terminada, así que en lugar de la inauguración hicieron una ceremonia de dedicación.

Durante la ceremonia, Lady Baden Powell donó la puerta de la entrada. Desde ese día se la llama “la puerta de la Jefa”

La construcción de Nuestra Cabaña finalizó el 24 de julio de 1957 y fue inaugurada con el Seminario de Juliette Low, su primer sesión.

Las participantes compusieron la canción de Nuestra Cabaña al ritmo de la canción que tradicionalmente se canta para los cumpleaños en México (Las Mañanitas). Hoy en día cantamos la misma canción.

Muy pronto la Cabaña comenzó a quedar chica para la cantidad de niñas que la querían visitar. ¡La lista de espera era larga!

Los constructores volvieron y construyeron Mixcoacalli. También se construyeron los dormitorios Geranios y Colorines en 1969.

Desde ese entonces, Nuestra Cabaña continuó creciendo y expandiéndose, construyendo un fogón y una cancha de tenis. El Centro puede ahora recibir más de 100 personas, convirtiéndose en el Centro Mundial más grande de todos.

Pastel de Nutella / Nutella Cake



En #TastyTuesday desde la cocina de Nuestra Cabaña les compartimos el delicioso pastel de Nutella, fue la receta que usamos para nuestra última celebración de aniversario con la sesión de Sea Adventure y lo curioso es que sólo lleva 2 ingredientes.

8 Porciones


  • 4 huevos grandes
  • 240 gramos de nutella


  1. Engrasa un refractario chico con aceite en spray y encima coloca papel encerado para que cubra la parte de abajo y los lados.
  2. Precalienta el horno a 177 grados celsius.
  3. En un bowl de vidrio bate los huevos con una batidor eléctrica a máxima potencia hasta que crezcan tres veces su tamaño. Este es el paso más importante así que asegurate de que los huevos los batas correctamente.
  4. Mide la nutella en un bowl de vidrio y mete al microondas por 25 segundos o hasta que quede suave, casi líquida.
  5. Agrega un tercio de la nutella a la mezcla de huevo y con una espátula haciendo un movimiento envolvente incorpora la nutella. Una vez que toda la mezcla esté homogénea repite este paso hasta que termines con toda la mezcla de nutella.
  6. Agrega la mezcla al refractario con el papel encerado y hornea de 20 a 25 minutos o hasta que al insertar un palillo este salga limpio.
  7. Deja que se enfríe por completo antes de sacar el pastel.


8 portions


  • 4 eggs
  • 240 gr of Nutella


  1. Grease a small refractory with spray oil and place wax paper on top so it covers the bottom and sides.
  2. Pre heat the oven to 117º C
  3. Whip the eggs in a glass bowl with an electric whisk at max till they grow three times their size, this is the most important step, so make sure to whisk properly.
  4. Pour the Nutella in a glass bowl and heat on the microwave for 25 seconds or till it’s soft and almost liquid.
  5. Add a third of the Nutella to the eggs bowl mix with a spatula doing a folding motion. Once your mix is even, pour another third and repeat till all Nutella has been mixed.
  6. Add the mix to your refractory and bake from 20 to 25 minutes, or till you can insert a toothpick to your cake and it comes out clean.
  7. Let it cool down completely before taking out the cake


What have I discovered at Our Cabaña? / ¿Qué he descubierto en Nuestra Cabaña?

Blog 31.03.17(SPANISH BELOW)

So, three months into my time volunteering here at Our Cabaña and now I ask myself, what have I discovered during my time here?

Firstly, I have experienced been able to experience a range of cultures, from ones not so dissimilar to my own to those that I had never even encountered before. As a result of this, I am having a rich international experience whilst here at Our Cabaña, being able to learn different ways of doing things and adapting my own approach, learning new campfire songs, and (possibly the most exciting part…) discovering new food recipes.

I have also discovered my love of nature and the natural environment whilst here at Our Cabaña, from the stunningly delicate purple jacarandas to the thrilling thunderstorms that lead some of us to stand outside in the rain, to listen to the loud rolling thunder and watch the lightning strikes. There is such a variety of plants around Our Cabaña, from the beautiful blossom in the St Francis Garden to the prickly cactus garden to the tranquil lemon tree garden, and all of them somehow come together in harmony at Our Cabaña, so much so that one of my favourite things to do is to wander around the grounds around 6/7pm just as the sun is going down and appreciate all of what nature has to offer.

However perhaps most importantly I have discovered my love of working with people. Interacting with new and different people, learning about them and their experiences. As you can probably imagine, this can sometimes be physically exhausting, but realising that I am capable of staying up until 5am watching films (with Spanish subtitles, of course) and talking with my new friends has proven to me that I love spending time with people. The busy, hectic weekend of World Thinking Day celebrations here at Our Cabaña, with over 120 participants, has been by far one of my favourite parts of my time volunteering here, there was so much excitement, enthusiasm and energy coming from everyone that it was infectious and impossible not to enjoy yourself.

All in all, I have discovered that I am in love with travelling, nature and people!


Anna Bambrick, UK


Bien, han pasado ya tres meses de mi voluntariado en Nuestra Cabaña y ahora me pregunto qué he descubierto en todo ese tiempo aquí.

Primero, he experimentado muchas culturas, desde las que son similares a la mía hasta aquellas con las que nunca me había encontrado. Como resultado, estoy teniendo una gran experiencia internacional, desde aprender modos diferentes de hacer las cosas y darles mi enfoque personal, aprender juegos y canciones de fogata y (tal vez la parte más emocionante…) descubrir nuevas recetas de comida.

También mientras estoy aquí he descubierto mi amor por la naturaleza y el medio ambiente, desde los púrpura increíblemente delicados de las jacarandas, hasta las emocionantes tormentas eléctricas que invitan a algunas de nosotras a estar bajo la lluvia, y escuchar los fuertes truenos y ver caer los rayos. Hay una gran variedad de plantas alrededor de nuestra Cabaña, desde las hermosas flor en el jardín de San Francisco, el jardín de cactus espinosos, y hasta el tranquilo jardín de los limoneros; y todos ellos de alguna manera se unen en armonía en Nuestra Cabaña, una de las cosas que más me gusta hacer es pasear por los jardines alrededor de las 6/7 pm justo cuando el sol se está ocultando y apreciar todo lo que la naturaleza tiene para ofrecer.

Sin embargo quizás lo más importante que he descubierto es mi amor por trabajar con la gente. Interactuar con personas nuevas y diferentes, aprender sobre ellas y sus experiencias. Como se puede imaginar, esto a veces puede ser físicamente agotador, pero darme cuenta de que soy capaz de permanecer hasta las 5 am ver películas (con subtítulos en español, por supuesto) y hablar con mis nuevos amigos me ha demostrado que me encanta pasar tiempo con gente. El atareado fin de semana del Día Mundial del Pensamiento aquí en Nuestra Cabaña, con más de 120 participantes, ha sido una de mis experiencias favoritas de mi tiempo de voluntariado aquí, hubo tanta emoción, entusiasmo y energía de parte de todos que era contagioso e imposible no disfrutar.

Y en general, he descubierto que… ¡me encanta viajar, la naturaleza y las personas!



March 2017 Newsletter / Boletín de Marzo

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-07 at 9.15.29 AMHi!

If you want to know the latest news from Our Cabaña: Scholarship opportunities, promos, volunteer stories, and event anecdotes, then download the bilingual quarterly bulletin in the following link. Learn bout how we’re celebrating our 60th anniversary on this beautiful WAGGGS World Centre in this edition!


Si quieres enterarte de las noticias de Nuestra Cabaña, eventos, oportunidades de beca, promociones pero sobre todo de las aventuras de nuestras voluntarias descarga el boletín trimestral bilingüe en el siguiente enlace. En esta edición entérate de cómo estamos celebrando el 60 aniversario de este hermoso centro mundial de la AMGS.

Boletin Enero-Marzo 201701-03

Poem about our day / Poema sobre nuestro día


Español más abajo

Our participants from the UK wrote a poem about their day!

Happy day at Our Cabaña
It was a hot and top banana
Games a plenty, with fun for all
Throwing dice instead of ball
Pyramids of different sizes
were climbed under clear blue skies
We travelled round the world so big
and friendship started with a jig


¡Nuestras participantes del Reino Unido escribieron un poema acerca de su día!

Feliz día en Nuestra Cabaña
Cálido y brillante como banana
Un montón de juegos divertidos para todas
Tirando dados en lugar de la pelota
Pirámides de diferentes tamaños
Escalamos bajo un claro cielo azul
Viajamos alrededor de un mundo tan grande
Y la amistad comenzó con un baile